Diffusion Films mission is to continue meeting other filmmakers who share a similar passion for films as its team members do. With these members, Diffusion Films looks to produce films which push the known limits of independent filmmaking and to produce as many as three films a year that will be shot on high definition digital video for larger budgets. These films are intended for theatrical release both on the World Wide Web and through various film and video festivals throughout the world.

Diffusion Films is a fully functioning independent multi-media and film production company managed by collaborative artists and innovators who are dedicated to the independent filmmaking scene in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas.

Please take a look at our Films which showcase in-house productions completed by Diffusion Films as well as productions from our sister company from Los Angeles
City Band Productions and our other friends Blurry Vision Productions, Shave Stone Productions and James Z Feng. Our current projects area highlights the many productions which are currently working on, we hope you enjoy...